Call us and we will help find a caregiver in your area

You can call or email and we will help you find a caregiver in your area.

What areas do we deliver to:

We deliver to basically all of Massachusetts-South & North Shore, Boston, Cape Cod, Eastern MA, Western MA and Worcester County.

How does this work exactly???

This is a question many people ask. When you call us, we set you up with a caregiver. The caregiver will call you and discuss what products we have available, where and when you would like to meet.

When you meet with the caregiver he/she will first explain to you what the Glass Jar Coop does which is to grow medical marijuana for clients in the state of Massachusetts as a primary caregiver under the new law. The caregiver will need to see your original recommendation. You will need a copy of your recommendation and a copy of state DL/ID card.

Should you choose The Glass Jar Coop as your primary caregiver, a caretaker designation form will be executed between you and the caregiver. The caregiver may immediately help you with medication.

In our garden, we are currently cultivating the following strains: fruity kush, candy kush, blueberry sour diesel, mob, chemdog cindy 99 cross, g13, big purps and silver haze.

Look for us on YELP

Who knew-medical marijuana is going mainstream. We are on Yelp but we need your help. Please look for us in the 02649 zip code and review us please.

Deliveries not available from 4/28th to 5/6/2013.

We will be unavailable for deliveries from 4/28-5/6. We are in the process of moving to a bigger and better place to serivce clients with more product. Sorry for an inconvenience this may cause any of our clients. We will be accessible by phone so you can still call to set up deliveries adter 5/6/2013.

Westborough will allow Medical Marijuana Treatment Centers

The city passed a zoning change that will allow medical marijuana treatment & dispensing facilities, as well as marijuana cultivation, in Westborough’s adult entertainment district, by special permit from the planning board. Hurray!!!!