How does this work exactly???

This is a question many people ask. When you call us, we set you up with a caregiver. The caregiver will call you and discuss what products we have available, where and when you would like to meet.

When you meet with the caregiver he/she will first explain to you what the Glass Jar Coop does which is to grow medical marijuana for clients in the state of Massachusetts as a primary caregiver under the new law. The caregiver will need to see your original recommendation. You will need a copy of your recommendation and a copy of state DL/ID card.

Should you choose The Glass Jar Coop as your primary caregiver, a caretaker designation form will be executed between you and the caregiver. The caregiver may immediately help you with medication.

In our garden, we are currently cultivating the following strains: fruity kush, candy kush, blueberry sour diesel, mob, chemdog cindy 99 cross, g13, big purps and silver haze.


  1. I am a cannibis user for medical purposes. I do have my ID and letter from Dr. Getz. What are your prices and how an I receive my cannibis

  2. Does my California recommendations work here

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